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We regard the design process as a collaborative relationship between the client, the architectural team and the builder. The stages described below flow seamlessly into each other as the design evolves. Out of our collaboration, and guided by our experience and creativity, we endeavor to provide buildings that work, are an asset to the larger surrounding area, and will give pleasure to our client and the community for decades to come.

Programming and Information Gathering
Design begins with a fact-finding phase in which information is obtained primarily through the program that the client has in mind. At the same time we review the opportunities and challenges of the site, to gain an understanding of light, views, and context. Precedents of similar building types may be researched. Basic information regarding building function, adjacencies, circulation and hierarchy is obtained. If the project involves an existing structure, the necessary documentation is undertaken. We also must learn the constraints of budget and scheduling that the client faces.

Schematic Design
We prepare one or more preliminary building studies based on our analysis. These drawings indicate space utilization, adjacencies, site and building circulation, structural and mechanical system strategies, accessibility issues, code requirements, and other early considerations that may apply. In discussion with the client, designs will be evaluated and criteria refined, and the preliminary studies modified to reflect decisions made.

Design Development
We will then develop the design at a larger scale and refine it to better meet client needs. Furniture will be identified and placed, and details will be worked out. With our consultants, the structures and mechanical systems will be elaborated. During this phase regular meetings with the client to obtain feedback on design refinements are critical. A set of architectural drawings will be the end product of this phase, complete enough that the client can easily understand how the building functions and how the building looks. We will also study and present a palette of materials and colors at this stage.

Construction Documents
We begin the preparation of the construction documents after the client approves the drawings presented at the end of the Design Development phase. Along with the detailed drawings, a written specification is usually prepared, complementing the information contained in the drawings. With the completion of these two components of the construction documents, the project is ready to invite bids on construction work.

Bid Phase
The procurement of bids from qualified contractors is the next phase. If appropriate to the particular job, we will help select a contractor earlier in the design process, and work with him on pricing and methods of construction.

Contract Administration
This phase includes such services as general administration, site visits, shop drawing and sample review, contractor payment certification, administration of changes in the work, and project close out. During the building process, we will work with client and contractor on the last details that are so important to a project, from paint color choices to light switch style.

Fees and Schedule
Contact us for a discussion of fees and scheduling for your particular needs.


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